Fragrance Files

Fragrance Files

Fragrance Files is a new, informative and fun way to explore fragrance. It helps you discover your favorite scents, compare different perfumes and colognes and learn what you like or dislike. It also explains how perfumes and colognes work.

Fragrances are not just chemicals that have a smell, they have cultural, historical, emotional, social and economic value to billions of people around the world. They are a fusion of science and art where chemists become creators and molecules make memories. See Full Article

The use of scented products in the household and personal hygiene space has exploded since the second half of the 19th century. This brought an enormous variety of olfactory experiences to the public, and is still in full swing today. There are four basic scent families which take their respective places on the Fragrance Wheel, and each of these is further subdivided into a number of distinct subfamilies.

2022: A Year of Beauty Diversity, Sustainability, and Self-Care

Perfumes are made of a carefully selected combination of fragrance accords. These accords are typically categorized into three major types: top notes, heart or middle notes and base notes. Each of these notes adds a unique character to the overall perfume composition.

Top Notes are the initial burst of fragrance that is released as a perfume spray hits your skin, and are usually lighter and less intense than middle or heart notes. Heart or middle notes are the essence of a perfume, and are what remains once the top notes have begun to fade. Base notes are the base of a perfume and give it the longevity needed to last throughout the day.