How to Stop Bots Commenting on Instagram

How to stop bots commenting on instagram? Whether you’re a private user or a business, spam bots are the bane of Instagram. They not only inflate engagement metrics, but they also hurt your growth on the platform and damage your brand image.

How do I stop automatic comments on Instagram?

Instagram has taken the issue seriously by refining its systems to detect and remove these accounts. However, the ever-evolving nature of technology and tactics used by spam bots means that you need to be vigilant.

Spam bots are automated accounts that create and operate multiple profiles to post content, engage with other users, and promote products and services. They are often triggered by popular hashtags and users, which gives them the appearance of genuine interactions. While their objectives can vary, many are intended to artificially boost engagement or inflate follower counts, while others may spread misinformation or harass other users. Some even commit ad fraud by clicking on ads to earn money for the operator.

The problem is so widespread that a whole meme has developed around them, with Instagram users creating accounts such as “Bot Police” to report them. Fortunately, the company does take action on reported accounts, often penalizing them by shadow-banning or banning them permanently.

In addition to the built-in tools that Instagram offers, there are several third-party services available to help you fight back against these relentless bots. One of these is CommentGuard, a tool that helps you manage comments across all your Instagram pages with auto-moderation. With it, you can invite team members to moderate comments and assign specific pages to them, ensuring that only the right people see your content.