Work Visas For Temporary Workers in France

A number of foreign nationals have access to the french labour market without a visa. This includes citizens of the European Union and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA – Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland). However, for workers from outside these countries the situation is different. Unless they qualify for one of the exceptions, these workers will need a work visa.

Eu Workers type of visa needed depends on the country of origin and on the purpose of the work in france. Foreigners from EU/EFTA countries may apply for a ‘passport-talent’ visa that will allow them to carry out salaried activities. This will be granted by the prefecture of their place of residence. This visa may be extended depending on the circumstances.

Those who are not eligible for the ‘passport-talent’ visa will need to obtain a temporary work permit, called a ‘contrat de travail temporaire’. This can be obtained through a temping agency or directly from an employer. It will last for the duration of a specific job and can be renewed twice. This type of contract will be concluded as a three way agreement between the employer, employee and agency. It will also include the legal minimum salary for the job and the deductions for tax, social security and health.

The Rise of Temporary Employment: Impact on the French Economy

In addition to these types of work visas there are also opportunities for those wishing to volunteer in france or do an internship in France. For example, La Giraudiere welcomes people from around the world to come and help them restore a small hamlet. They offer accommodation, 3 meals a day, advice and French lessons, training, excursions and transfers.