Hunting Safari – The Ultimate Experience

hunting safari

A hunting safari is the ultimate experience for any hunter. It is an expedition deep into Africa’s interior, where you will be isolated from the modern world and able to experience true free range.

Almost every hunter’s first safari is a plains game hunt in a southern country, such as South Africa, Namibia, or Zimbabwe. With a wealth of antelope species to choose from (kudu, gemsbok, impala) these are excellent places to get your feet wet in African hunting. There is something about the sheer variety of antelope that makes them so addicting, and once you have a few under your belt, the desire to hunt more will take hold.

The tone of the hunting safari in these times tends to be much more of a killing fest than it used to be, and you will often find yourself surrounded by people who feel that shooting wild animals enhances their status. It is these types of hunters who are most likely to turn to ranch hunting, which consists of private farms that raise and/or buy in wildlife for the sole purpose of allowing visitors to shoot it.

Unveiling the Beauty of Hunting Safaris

However, there are still plenty of people out there who are committed to preserving the integrity of the bush and who prefer not to kill any animals. This is the basis for photographic safaris, and it took some time for many hunters to come around to this concept. Nevertheless, they have now largely overtaken the traditional hunting safari as the most popular form of African adventure.