Using 360-Degree Video to Take Fans Closer to the Action

360 Football Entertainment

When NCAA Football 06 hit the shelves on last-generation consoles, hardcore college football video game fans rejoiced. This was hands down one of the most immersive and best-playing college football games on any console to date. However, when NCAA 07 was released on the Goal360 TV, fans were disappointed. It was missing several features that had made the franchise so popular and felt like a step backward in gameplay.

It’s not often that a business gets sued for selling VIP experiences that fall far short of the promise, but that’s exactly what happened to Confirmed360 in 2019. The company claims former employee Robert Barnhart was duped into spending $30,000 on an experience package for Taylor Swift’s 2019 Jingle Ball concert at Madison Square Garden—including backstage passes, a meet-and-greet, and exclusive access to the show’s afterparty.

360° Football: Where Passion Meets Performance in Entertainment

Sports teams, clubs, and organizations are starting to realize the power of 360-degree video. The technology has become increasingly popular with organisations utilizing it on platforms like Facebook and YouTube to take fans closer to the action than ever before. For example, Oregon Athletics recently used the tech to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like for their football team to enter Autzen Stadium and play in front of thousands of cheering fans. LeBron James has also been using the tech to produce a five-episode series on his YouTube channel which takes viewers inside the world of basketball.